The rapporteur General of the commission Honourable Nkoa Luc read out document which stated that at the end of their deliberations the members of the commission have adopted all the articles in the initial as well as the entire draft settlement bill for 2016.About thirty minutes later, the House Speaker announced the second phase of the session focused on general discussions which are a prerequisite to the adoption of any text but the president of the SDF parliamentary Group, Joseph Banadzem requested to speak and was authorised. He took the floor to pose the fundamental question as to why the house was not looking at the crisis in the North West and South West. He told the house at “it cannot be business as usual in parliament” insisting that the Anglophone problem had to be tabled for discussions by the entire house.He said for close to one year since the National Assembly has been sitting in different sessions nothing has been said concerning the Anglophone crisis. The SDF parliamentary group leader spoke for over ten before by the Speaker of the House attempted to restore order in the hemicycle that was already becoming chaotic with arguments and counter arguments amongst the people’s representatives. Honourable Cavaye Yeguie Djibril suspended the session. Moments later, the MPs resumed and the general discussions were close paving the way for the assembly to adopt the bill article after article and in its entirety. At this time, SDF MPs in chanted a song interrupting the session. They sang “Paul Biya, the country is not well”.  While they sang the House Speaker proceeded with the reading and adoption of all the articles and the entire settlement bill.In the midst of the singing, House Speaker Honourable Cavaye Yeguie Djibril chanter a counter song, “the county is doing well, SDF is not well” The session was again suspended as the MPs continued singing in parliament.Elvis Teke