One of her Drama piece: "Best Friends" was presented this Wednesday 24 th May 2017, by a group of Cameroonian actors during a theatre presentation organised in Yaounde at Nouvelle Route Bastos.The presentation which is an initiative of the Israeli Ambassador to Cameroon Ran Gidor in partnership with the Ministry of Culture brought together an audience of over 50 including participants.The close to 2 hours play was acted at "Atelier 4", a Centre created for the promotion of Theatre art in Bastos.The play relates the story of three Women (Sophie, Tirzah and Lelly) all intimate friends who recall and regret the many opportunities they lost in their early days all because of bad council they received as a result of their bonding.At the age of 40 non of them were married, some dropped out of School and some jobless and begging for time to reverse once again so to do the right thing. All thesame the play ends with a glimmer of hope drawn from the three friends who are determined to make it up even at 40, by choosing the right way and depending on God.The play which was acted strictly the Cameroonian style- (The language, colours, mannerism, stage props etc.) Was highly appreciated by the mixed western and African audience who went back home with a message to transmit.The Play director Ousmanou Sali said they faced a lot of challenges in the course of contextualising to fit into some aspects of the ten cultures. This to him was to promote the notion of living together.The Ambassador of Israel lauded the initiative which has come along way to reinforce cultural ties between Cameroon and Israel while promising more of such opportunities in the future.Irene Mbang Tata