The was during a solemn ceremony at the Military Headquarters Brigade in Yaoundé presided over by the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Joseph Beti Assomo. The batch made up of 203 cadet officers has of 25 females and 178 males is said to be a reflection of Cameroon’s specificities; Africa in miniature.The graduates from different cultural backgrounds has, for the past two years, worked in unity for a common cause which is that of protecting the nation at all times and in all circumstances.The cadet officers, in a show of bravery, courage and discipline staged some military manoeuvres, this triggered the Minister to explain the context in which the ceremony has been organised.Minister Joseph Beti Assomo said the christening ceremony is in compliance with the pure and strict traditions of military academies.It mark the satisfactory end of an odious and draconian year for the cadet officers at the combined services Military Academy. It also conveys the solemn commitment of the officers to their vocation.The Minister congratulated the Brigadier General commander of the Head Quaters Brigade, the Commander of EMIA and his collaborators for their individual contributions in transforming young students from civil life to cadet officers.The christening ceremony is being organised midway into the training of cadet officers at the Combine services military academy.The Minister in very strong terms cautioned the cadet officers that the attacks on peace and republican laws have to be handled without emotions and should not be allowed to proper."Unity and Diversity" he said,should inspire the officers to become actors and builders of living together, national cohesion within the army and in the civilian communities they will be called upon to serve. Diversity highlights the pluralities of cultures and sociological heterogeneity of Cameroon which they are called upon to defend as they contribute to nation building. Elvis Teke