The delegations left the regions after holding talks with representatives of a number of socio professional groups in all divisions.The groups included traders, commercial bike riders, traditional authorities, economic operators and development groups amongst others.They also listened to the people express concerns that could be considered solutions to the Anglophone Crisis.Amongst the solutions was the complete implementation of the 1996 constitution on decentralization with ten autonomous regions.Former Prime Minister, Peter Mafany Musonge who led the delegation to the South West stated in an interview that the population raised issues ranging from development, access roads, social ammenities and especially the feeling of marginalisation. He added that only a very small faction is in favour of separation. Prime Minister, Head of Government, Philemon Yang also carried along the Head of State's message of tolerance, peace and hope.The two delegations travelled to the regions after the mass and coordinated protests of 22nd September and 1st October 2017; a period that saw wanton destruction of property and loss of many lives in the regions that have been carrying on with civil disobedience and boycott of schools.The Prime Minister and team members encouraged communities to let children go back to school. He also assured them that their complaints will be forwarded to the Head of State. Elvis Teke