Jean Marie Tchakui, Divisional Officer for the Douala I Subdivision says it is in the interest of peace that he prohibits a formerly approved public manifestation in his area of command.In a communiqué made public on 19th October 2017, the Divisional Officer argues that, in the course of time it became evident that the SDF party has been bracing-up to deviate from what was contained in the application for authorisation.Jean Marie Nitcheu, Regional Chair of the Social Democratic Front stated that the march was in solidarity with the victims of the political upheaval in the North West and South West Regions. On those grounds administrative authorities had no objection, the DO stated.He said new developments and information gathered in relation to the event gave reason to think public order could be compromised if the event is allowed to hold.The DO says apart from the fact that other political parties were preparing to join the march, he has information that other Cameroonians who prone secession were preparing to travel to Douala for the SDF event.Faced with these disturbing developments and in a bid to maintain peace, order and the security of people, the event was banned.The DO however says the SDF can take the case to court if the party considers this decision arbitrary.Pamela Bidjocka