The professional cyclist was designated best in this year’s edition of the tour after covering a total distance of 579.3 Km in 14 hours 33 minutes 07 seconds.The runner-up Slovakian born Cully J.A of Dukla Baska Bystrica, who won the first lap of the race covered the same distance of 579.3 Km in 14 hours 33 minutes 10 seconds to finish second.The competition ended with a grand ceremony at the 20th May Boulevard attended by the Minister of Sports and Physical Education and other top officials and hundreds of Yaounde city dwellers.During the event, cyclists that recorded impressive performances  were honoured and awarded distinctions. They include;-Yellow Jersey for the overall winner; Clovis Kamzong Abessolo (Cameroon)-The White Jersey for the best youth;Cully Jan Andrej (Slovakia)-Best overall Climber;Clovis Kamzong Abessolo (Cameroon)-Best team of the competition; Dukla Banska Bystrica of Slovakia.Special Prizes from Cameroon’s First Lady, Chantal Biya were handed to all participating teams.Just a quick reminder;-First Lap: Yaounde-Ayos (125km),Winner Cully J.A of Dukla-Second Lap: Yaounde-Ebolowa (155.3km),Winner, Clovis Kamzong Abessolo-Third lap: Zoetele (Ngolbang)-Meyomessala (134km), Winner, Fozing Dassie Robert-Fourth and Last Lap: Sangmelima-Yaounde (165km), Winner, Bellan JurajNyibeche Dero Momoh (Intern)