With just five years in the business, KO-C already has four incredible tracks and twelve unpublished songs in his repertoire. His latest track “Bolo cest Bolo” made its debut on YouTube, on Saturday 14th October 2017. KO-C, says he was inspired the manner in which he started his music career and the daily activities of the man on the street when composing the song.His four published songs are:Born on 18th November 1992, in Kumba, Southwest Region Cameroon, Njang Collins, aka KO-C, is a Cameroonian artist and self-acclaimed Cameroon’s Fastest Rapper. - Içi au Kamer- Balancé- I Love you featuring Locko- Bolo cest BoloNjang Collins aka KO-C, holds a degree in Business Management.He started "rapping" in 2013 and joined a music group call Pimbois.He was first signed into BTS Empire, a U.S, based record Label, and later continued solo. He recently signed into the record label, “Big Dreams Entertainment”, where he met other artists like Locko and Krys M.KO-C sings in English and French. He is looking forward to an amazing and exciting career in rap music.His advice to up-coming artists include the need to remain focused, be prayerful and never give up.Annabella Tabi Ntoh (Intern)