Most of the strategies employed in peace keeping operations in the continent are imported and their success rates have been relative.The first peacekeeping force in African was deployed some 57 years ago in Congo and till date peacekeepers are still in the country. In the face of the rising challenges, the African Peace Support Trainers association, (APSTA) has opened reflections on African solutions to challenges on the continent. The discussions were held during the 15th General Assembly of the association that took place in Yaounde.The 16 member institutions from 16 African countries examined different ways of building sustainable peace on the continent through a harmonisation and standardisation of the multiple and diverse military, cultural and economic specificities to build a unique integrated African Model.The secretary of State in the Ministry of Defence in charge of the National Gendarmerie, Jean Baptiste Bokam opened the discussions which coincided with an ad hoc board meeting of the International School for security Forces, EIFORCES; Cameroon’s school for peace keepers accredited by the United Nations.At the close of two days of deliberations, the deputy Director General of EIFORCES, Senior Police Commission Cecile Oyono read out the resolutions which indicated that the members were agreed the association that was created in 2002 need reforms to meet the new challenges on the continent.They agreed that Cameroon will run the presidency and the general secretariat of the association in order to lay down, coordinate and execute the indispensable reforms that will give more visibility and efficiency to the organ that groups all institutions that train peacekeepers on the continent.The Director General of EIFORCE, Brigadier General Jules Ceaser Essoh will manage the affairs of the association up to the organisation of the next General Assembly.Elvis Teke