Mbalmayo: School of Forestry has a new DirectorThe Minister of Forestry and Wild Life, Ngole Philip Ngwese has acclaimed the hard work of students and staffs of National School of Forestry.The Minister made the appraisal during a double ceremony to install the newly appointed Director of the school and the graduation of the 68th batch.The 68th batch was named after one of the longest serving Directors of the school “Edmond Bounoungou batch”.The ceremony was organised at the Campus of National School of Forestry Mbalmayo, this Friday, 6th October 2017.Minister Ngwese’s motivational statement to the 148 graduates was preceded by the solemn award of certificates and the installation of the new director Mbock Germain.The Director was appointed by a Prime ministerial’s decree early this month.The overall best student of the batch, 24-year-old Senior forestry technician Mendouga Pierre, was personally decorated by Minister Ngole Philip Ngwese.One of the graduates Ntobua Emmanuel Meyenefeh saluted the guality of training in the school. He declares;“ I am able to manage an inventory forest team.We were equally trained to face challenges of all sort in both private and public sector”The Minister paid hommage to the outgoing Director and exhorted the newly installed to get immediately to work and improved on the quality teaching of training.The Minister\'s call comes at a time more Cameroonains are interested in issues of forestry.This is evident from the number of students that has increased from 148 to 225 using the professional approach.The National Forestry School Mbalmayo was created in 1949. Over three thousand five hundred trainees have graduated from the institution.The graduates now serve in different services in the country and beyond.Nyibeche Dero Momoh (intern)