This agreement was reached in a meeting  in Yaounde  chaired by the President of the party \'s organizing committee Rev. Simon Bolivar Njami Nwanndi.The meeting, amongst other members, brought together the leaders of the opposing camps Hon. Pierre Sende and Blaise Louka.Absent in the reunification meeting were two Secretaries generals: Hon. Robert Bapooh and Bernard Ouandji To reunite the different factions of the party, congress is due for 6th October 2017 at the Yaounde Congress Hall where new party leaders will be elected.Concerning the all important congress, participants noted with satisfaction that administrative authorities have approved of UPC\'s demand to hold the congress.Rev. Simon Bolivar Njami Nwanndi stated that the aim of the congress is to complete the process of unifying the party; a party which is one of the master-minds of Cameroon\'s independence.Union Des Populations du Cameroon was created in 1948 and desolved during the fight to independence.The party was re-instated in 1991 and has been expiriencing leadership crisis.Dero Momoh