The day was launched by the Minister of State in charge of Tourism, Maigari  Bello Bouba this Wednessday 27th September.Commemorative activities are holding under the theme "Sustainable tourism: A tool for development".The present edition of World Tourism Day is dedicated to sizing-up the contribution of tourism to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Minister Maigari stressed on the relevance of the theme to CameroonHe declares; "He who talks tourism talks development and nature protection.Tourism is the driver of economic growth and it is an openner to a greener future. Tourism has the potential to enhance cultural preservation and mutual understanding.”World Tourism Day was instituted on 27th September 1980.It is on that day that  the Statutes of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) came into force.Peace and Dialogue, Energy, Accessibility, World Heritage, Water and Tourism are some themes explored during the 37 previous editions.Dero Momoh (Intern)