The incident occurred at the Cameroon National Petroleum Depot, SCDP in Mboppi. No human casualties were recorded but the explosion left cracks on the walls of SCDP fence.  Scientific Police experts who first combed the scene indicated that the explosive was locally fabricated with a gas bottle, two motorcycle batteries and other artisanal materials. The Governor of the Littoral Region, Samuel Deudonne Ivaha Diboua was at the scene to assess the gravity of the situation.  He said the explosion that occurred besides the railway line is a criminal activity. He continued that the perpetrators wanted the set fire on the tankers of the Petroleum depot but they did not succeed as the damage caused on the wall was minimal. He added that vigilance has been stepped up and security measures tightened. He very strong terms, the Governor emphasised that authorities are now on the offensive and those who are planning such attacks will meet the heavy hand of the law. There will be no roam for insecurity in Douala, he affirmed. A man hunt has been launched for the suspects who planted the improvised explosives overnight. The explosion is Douala comes 24 hours after another locally made explosive device made-up of similar components detonated in Bamenda, injuring three policemen on patrol at the Hospital Roundabout. Elvis Teke