Désiré Kabré Ouadraogo is heading a Francophonie mission in Cameroon that has been charged with monitoring the country\'s electoral process.The audience took place at midday at the Senate President\'s Cabinet in the Yaounde conference Centre.Senator Niat Njifenji and the head of the delegation exchanged views on how La Francophonie can assist Cameroon in the organisation of elections to be organised in 2018.The delegation head assured Marcel Niat Njifenji that they will listen to all stake holders involved in the electoral process of the country.He added that La Francophonie has undertaken to ensure that the electoral process in Cameroon is peaceful and credible.The election monitoring, according to the official, begins before, during and after the proclamation of the different results.The working visit ends in September 22nd 2017.Irene Mbang Tata