The plea was made during a ceremony  to restitute  list of photographers organised in Yaounde.Those in attendance, thanked the  Minister for his commitment to give a new lease of life to the profession.Minister Tchiroma admitted that the profession has been devalued that\'s why he stated government\'s resolve to subvert the private press and look in to the plight of photographers .According to official statistics, there are presently close to 750 photographers in Cameroon, 80% between the ages of 30 and 40 and 2% women.More than two third of photographers either, don\'t have equipments or lack professional training.Worse still, 75% of these photographers do not have studios and consequently operate clandestinely. Elie Gerard Nyat Saf , President of the league of professional photographers says the leaque is working to organise the sector. He says  professional cards will henceforth be issued to all duly registered members  to differentiate the professional from clandestine photographers.Experts were agreed that the present digital age has ushered in many amateur photographers but it takes good training to become a professional.The  President of the league of photographers maintained that photography is a profession  like medicine, and magistracy.  Aspirants must therefore be ready to work extremely hard in order to succeed.Nyibeche Dero Momoh (intern).