The Secretary of State in the Ministry of Defence in charge of Ex-servicemen and victims of War, Koumpa Issa presided over a ceremony to donate educational inputs to the children of varying ages. Amongst the beneficiary orphans were pupils and students including those in Universities and some as young as three years .Some of the beneficiaries were too young to understand why they are orphanedKitio Carole a second year student in the University of Yaounde II Soa said his father died 24 years ago. Abdoul-Azise Nouhou Louti a form four student says he lost both parents. His mother died while he was about to write the fifth sequence exams in class Five and two years later when he was in form one, his father died on the first day of school.In an emotion packed gratitude to the Ministry of Defence, the young boy said he will not be sent out of class again for lack diadactic material. He promises to keep any extra books for next school year.The representative of the orphans pleaded with the authorities to continue with the support till they become self sufficient.The secretary of state in the Ministry of defence in charge of Ex-Servicemen and Victims of War indicated that the distribution of didactic material to orphans of military men and women will continue in the other nine regions of the country under the supervision of Regional Governors. He added that the donations have been made available by the Head of State in conjonction with some enterprises.Koumpa Issa exhorted these enterprises to continuously support these children who are left behind by brave Cameroonians who gave their lives in sacrifice for integrity of the country.Elvis Teke