The 80 year old legend kept listeners scotched to CRTV radio waves all through the eighteen minutes newscast .The Director for Radio, Alain Belibi, says he expects these legends be an example to emulate.The reappearence of Gideon Taka, Peter Esoka, Jean Claude Ottou, Abel Mbengue, Victor Epie Ngome, Njomo Kevin and others not only took CRTV audience memory lane but illustrates management\'s determination to provide better exposure to the staff still in service.Expressing his feeling after the news, Gideon Taka said it is always not an easy task to live up to the challenge.“I thought I was going to let the general management of CRTV down and I said with the confidence given to me, I should not play myself low. I worked on my voice to be sure that I come to what Gideon Taka used to be. It took a day of working my voice to bring it to where it is today.”Gideon is a reference to many aspiring journalists and animators. He says he has come not only to present news but for the younger generation to learn.“We learn every day, read as much as you can, ask questions.Go closer to the older generation, do not be proud and do not assume you know. When somebody tells you something new as a broadcaster, it is you who is being praised by the audience, not the person."The week long excercise, ‘Radio of the Icons’ whichstarted 28th August 2017 ends on Friday 1st September 2017.Nyibeche Dero Momoh(Intern)