The Lobe Falls are a group of waterfalls which cascade into the Atlantic Ocean.The falls have two sections; the first which is a collection of many small streams, very visible from the coast and the second which is hidden behind an evergreen forest which could only be penetrated by crossing over the water. This section has water falling from a height of about 20 metres!Any visitor who arrives at the coast of the Lobe Falls is welcomed by a tour guide who proposes sea food and other Cameroonian artefacts.A beautiful scenario it is at the coast, but not as intriguing and magical as when you draw nigh across the water, so says the tour guide.The locals of the area spend time either doing on-shore and off-shore fishing or laundry with the water which is fast-flowing and fresh.After resisting the proposal from the tour guide, I finally muster courage and set out on the canoe to discover the inner section of Lobe Falls...I take off my slippers, fold-up my jean trousers, get a life jacket on and get into the canoe, scared!A slow and stable ride; my sailor, a local of the area, tells me not to be afraid.... We reach the Lobe Falls after about 5 minutes of amazing sight!Did they say the water has magical powers?! I step off the canoe and stand on the stones just beside the cascade...freshness in the air, water splashing down into the Atlantic Ocean, amazing greenery all over...vapour in the air...and I spot an island across...yes, I made it to the Lobe Falls!Time to hurriedly take a few pictures and dash off into the canoe for the journey back to the shore; it was less scary as I already was more courageous than before!At the shore, I hurry out of the canoe into the comfort of the beach...time to get some shrimps, other seafood and a bottle of drink, and then purchase some Cameroonian clothing and artefacts....You should try visiting the Lobe Falls when next you visit Kribi in Cameroon!Eleanor Ayuketah