The information is of concern to Officials of the General Delegation of National Security inYaounde.Some of these abandoned ID Cards were produced since 2011.Even more disturbing is the fact that some expired without having been collected.This alarm bell was rang after the General Delegation for National Security put in place measures to simplify the procedure.Though some IDs are abandoned when the owners die, the main reason why users are in no rush to claim the cards is the fact that the receipt issued is considered a valid identification document.The three months validity for the receipt was intended to give the owner enough time to claim the real card.Officials of the General Delegation of National Security fear this practise is fast gaining grounds.Since the new identification system has been put in place 78,000 ID cards have been abandoned.It is generally believed that owners of these ID cards still need to be educated on the procedures of retrieving these cards especially when their retrieving documents get missing.The Police recently issued a communique advising owners to report to the various police posts where the application was deposited to collect their abandoned cards.Irene Mbang Tata