This implies that the Agency which was initially placed under the technical supervision of the Ministry in charge of Private Investment will henceforth be answerable to the Presidency of the Republic without passing through the Ministry.By so doing, the state is expecting rapid results in promoting the Country\'s image and attracting more investment ventures.The Deputy Director General of the Agency Donatus Boma has noted that the new Agency is bent on recreating strategies that will boost investment in the country and consequently lead to the creation of new jobs for many a thousand jobless Cameroonians.The Cameroon Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA) is a parastatal institution with legal personality and financial autonomy with headquarters in Douala. It was created on 28th November 2013.In collaboration with other authorities (both public and private) it was created to contribute to the development and implementation of government policy in the field of investments promotion in Cameroon.its responsibilities include:•promoting the image of Cameroon abroad; •participating in the improvement of an enabling environment for investments in Cameroon; •proposing measures to attract investors in Cameroon as well as improving the implementation of sectoral codes; •establishing a database of projects for potential investors;Irene Mbang Tata