Besides Cameroonian films projected at various locations, films from 20 African countries and five European countries are also on the spotlight.At the end of the show, film lovers will be thrilled with projections of different categories from Tunisia, Morocco, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Senegal, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Guadeloupe, Ethiopia, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Congo Brazzaville and Angola in Africa and Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany in Europe.To give an international touch, organisers have also programmed a number of foreign long films, short films, documentaries and series.These include;Ten fiction feature films1 « HEDI » of Mohamed Ben Attia (Tunisia)2 « A MILE IN MY SHOES » of Said Khallaf (Morocco)3 « WALLAY » of Berni Goldblat (Burkina Faso)4 « KALUSHI » of Mandlakayise Walter Dube (South Africa)5 « L'ORAGE AFRICAIN » of Sylvestre Amoussou (Benin)6 « L’INTERPRETE » of Olivier Meliehe Koné and Kadhy Touré (Ivory Coast)7 « CHILDREN OF THE MOUNTAIN » of Priscilla Anany (Ghana)8 « KATI KATI » of Mbithi Masya (Kenya) 9 « LIFE POINT » of Achille Brice (Cameroon)10 « ENKOPA » of Abraham Demissie (Ethiopia)Eleven documentaries1 « BOIS D’EBENE » of Moussa Touré (Senegal)2 « LE VERROU » of Leïla Chaïbi and Hélène Poté (Tunisia)3 « L’AFRICAIN QUI VOULAIT VOLER » of Samantha Biffot (Gabon)4 KEMTIYU, CHEIKH ANTA DIOP » of Ousmane William Baye (Senegal)5 « MAMAN COLONELLE » of Dieudo Hamadi (DRC)6 « L’ARBRE SANS FRUIT » of Aicha Macky (Niger)7 « L’ILE MAURICE : LE SON DU MONDE » of Sila (Réunion)8 « L’AFRICAIN QUI VOULAIT VOLER » of Samantha Biffot (Gabon)9 « VINYLE D’EBENE » of Rufin Mbou Mikima (Congo Brazzaville)10 « MAMAN COLONELLE » of Dieudo Hamadi (DRC)11 « KIMPA VITA, LA MERE DE LA REVOLUTION AFRICAINE » of Ne Kunda Nlaba (Angola/RDC)Ten short films1 "HANDS" of Frank Thierry Lea Malle (Cameroon)2 "UNE PLACE DANS L'AVION" of Khadidiatou Sow (Senegal)3 "LECON" of Patrick Timbe (Cameroon)4 "LODGERS" of Kéni Ogunlola (Nigeria)5 "INCURABLE" de Darren Parker (South Africa)6 "A PLACE FOR MYSELF" of Marie Clémence Dusabejambo (Rwanda)7 "LOST SOULS" of Fabrice Pierre (Guadeloupe)8 "NEW EYES" of Hiwot Admasu Getaneh (Ethiopia)9 "RETOUR AUX SOURCES" of Yeelen Eyogo-Edzang (Gabon)10 « IKAKA » of RaimundoNchama (Equatorial Guinea)Five series1 « TUNDU WUNDU » of Abdoulahad Woné (Senegal)2 « JIKULUMESSU » of Francisco Antunez and Hugo Xavier Manuel Pureza (Angola)3 « APHASIE » of Hyacinthe Hounsou (Ivory Coast)4 « ALINA » of Lidia Kassa (Gabon) and Rita Ambeu (Côte d’Ivoire)5 « INTENTIONS SECRETES » of S. Bernard Yameogo (Burkina Faso)Six European panoramas1 « TCHINDAS » of Pablo Garcia & Marc Serena (Spain)2 « ET MAINTENANT NOS TERRES » of Julien Le Net & Benjamin Polle (France)3 « THE VALLEY OF SALT » of Christophe M. Saber (Switzerland)4 « QUI ES-TU OCTOBRE ? » of Julie Jaroszewski (Belgium)5 « WHEN PAUL CAME OVER THE SEA » of Jacob Preuss (Germany)6 « Pincess SHAW, un conte de fée » (83.) of Yde IDO HAARThere will also be the projection of a tribute to Phillippe Mory, a Gabonese Actor and Director who died on 7th June 2016.To increase public interest, most of the Directors and Actors of the selected films are present during the projection of their films.The Ecrans Noirs Director of Programming, Francoise Ellong, says their presence also creates an opportunity to share singular moments with their audience and also gives the audience the pleasure of receiving precisions about the film; its context and raison d’être, amongst others.With over 70 Cameroonian and foreign films on schedule, the audience is sure to be thrilled at the end of the 21st edition of the Ecrans Noirs film festival.Eleanor Ayuketah