Experts from the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications and the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency have been assessing the performance of electronic communication operators. A pre-assessment that held this 7th May, 2018 in Yaounde was based on results from an audit on quality.The audit on quality was carried out by a Swedish telecommunications consultancy, CYBERCOM.At the end of the auditing, specific recommendations were made to each of the four electronic communication providers in Cameroon.The recommendations constituted guidelines to quality services.It is based on the guidelines given to each electronic communication operator that government has undertaken to verify the performance of the four companies ;# MTN # Camtel # Orange # NextelApart from reinforcing digital trust, the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications hopes to attain the following objectives.# Get an execution plan crafted by each telephone operator# scrutinise a follow -up and control plan based on the audit recommendations# Size-up efforts at providing quality servicesSix months ago, the Head of State ordered an audit of the quality of services offered by the four telecommunications networks in Cameroon.The audit was carried out by the Swedish telecommunications consultancy group CYBERCOM.At the end of the exercise, 706 recommendations were made to the telecommunications electronic operators.The present evaluation meeting has been organised to evaluate efforts made by each of the four communication network providers in addressing the shortcomings identified.The four electronic communication operators will therefore be expected to make a presentation on how they have been tackling the issues and difficulties encountered so far.Kathy Neba Sina