The sound of hammers and metals pulled on the ground is loud in the courtyard of the National Museum in Yaounde.Stands are being erected one day to the start of the Yaounde International Book Fair, SILYA.The fair which ends 13th May 2018 is expected to bring together writers, publishers and lovers of books.The Ministry of Arts and Culture that has been busy with last minute preparations has sent officials to ensure that the exhibition ground is clean and all stands set up.The present 2018 edition shall be organised under the theme, “Books, tool for consolidation of peace and unity”.Cameroonian writers and publishers in conjunction with others coming from other countries will have an opportunity to attract the public with quality productions.The fair aims at encouraging book reading and promoting actors of the book production chain.SILYA is also expected to be an opportunity for face-to-face meetings amongst renown authors.Debates, exchanges and book launches will be amongst the interesting activities during the week-long event.The Yaounde International Book Fair, SILYA was first organised in 2016.Since then, the fair has become a yearly rendezvous for exchanges between writers / publishers and their public.The Ministry of Arts and Culture’s ultimate goals include; helping the public to cultivate the habit of reading and also to valorise stakeholders of the book production sector.Eleanor Ayuketah