Some of the finest craftsmen from fourteen countries from Africa, Europe and Asia have met in Cameroon for the 2018 Cameroon International Handicraft Fair SIARC.The week-long event brought together exhibitors with arts work mainly reflecting the cultures of their country of origin.These international exhibitors who are mixed up with others from Cameroon own a fifth of the five hundred stands for SIARC 2018.Prominent amongst them are Moroccans with handmade foot wears produced from the best leather the country offers.Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ghana and Kenya that are omnipresent have brought different styles of traditional regalia with some made from recycled material.The Indian exhibitors wooed the crowd with herbal medicine giving every visitor a demo of their products.The African beads from Kenya and Ghana and other accessories exhibited by Ghana and Kenya won over the female visitors of SARC as they crave for souvenirs.SIARC 2018 is another opportunity to seal partnerships amongst exhibitors and generate substantial income from visitorsThe present edition of the Cameroon International Handicraft Fair has a number of lessons learnt by both organisers and participants.Mr Alino a stylist and designer from Burkina Faso expressed satisfaction with the turnout of visitors to his stand.He also expresses appreciation to the people of Cameroon for their legendary hospitality.The Indians exhibitors of herbal medicine were quite happy with the positive response and interest the visitors gave their products.But Judith Owuso, a Ghanaian jewellery exhibitor has a different account to give.She complained of the low turnout in her stand, stating that she was unable to make a third of what she spe nt to participate at the fair. “I have made a great loss participating at this fair,” she laments.Mohamed a shoe exhibitor who is a first time participant also complains.“I was unable to sell twenty pairs of shoes a day,  even when I dropped the price to 15,000 CFA francs the demand was still low” he complained.The exhibitors of SIARC 2018 complained of the venue.They also believe that there was no proper publicity in prelude to, and during the event. Bruno Ndonwie Funwie