Civilians in Yaounde have begun march pass rehearsals ahead of the grand parade to take place on 20th May.The exercise that grouped some twenty-eight primary and secondary schools of the Mfoundi Division is supervised by officials of the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education .Two primary and two secondary schools were selected from each of the seven sub-divisions of the Mfoundi Division to take part in the exercise.The students and pupils rehearsed chanting patriotic songs calling for peace and the spirit of living together within a context of multiculturalism.The performance of some of the schools could be rated as good while others were not up to required standard.The organizing committee of the celebration has agreed on five patriotic songs to be chanted nationwide during the 20th May parade.All primary schools will therefore be expected to chant the same song and all secondary schools, another song through out the national territory .The first civil march pass rehearsal that was organised this 4th May is a kicker to preparations within the educational milieu in the Mfoundi division.A similar exercise has been scheduled for 16th May, 2018. On that day, civilian march pass rehearsal will extend to universities and other higher institutions of learning .The last rehearsal takes place on 18th May at the May 20 boulevard.It will be occasion for schools, professional institutions, the higher educational sector, the military, registered civil society groups and political parties to stage the last performance before the Grand March Pass to be chaired by Cameroon’s Head of State.Kathy Neba Sina