Air transport companies and travel agencies operating clandestinely in Cameroon will soon be shut down.The Ministry of Tourism and Leisure coordinated an inter-ministerial meeting during which the resolution was taken.During the meeting organised Thursday 3rd April 2018, competent authorities disclosed amongst others issues that over 83% of the air travel companies in Cameroon are operating clandestinely and are not recognised by government.The meeting comes at a time when the country actively prepares to host the Africa Cup of Nations in 2019.In order to clean up the sector and set standards applicable to all, the think-tank proceeded by identifying the problems plaguing the sector.First is the noncompliance of the law by travel agencies.One of the consequence of the non-respect of the regulations guiding the sector, the officials contended, is tax evasion with the negative impact on the economy.Most of the Air Transport agencies operate without licences and are consequently not recognised.Other aspects on the agenda for discussion during the inter-ministerial evaluation meeting was the malpractices observed by promoters of these travel agencies.Few or these agencies that comply with the law are therefore faced with unfair competition from the law breakers.Another serious aspect identified is cross border ticketing.Government officials complained that international airline companies issue air tickets bearing wrong point of origin or destination.The practise is carried out to undercut the stipulated rate to be paid as taxes.The President of the National Trade Union of Travel Agencies and Cameroon Tourism Georges Sangang Simo reiterated government’s resolve to go on the offensiveHe warned that any Air Travel Agency that does not respect the rules and regulations of the sector will be closed in the weeks ahead. Bruno Ndonwie Funwie