Following the recurrent Boko Haram incursions and other social unrest in the Far North Region, a number of families have left their villages and settled in Wack, Mbe Subdivision, Adamawa Region.As the situation persist, Wack presently host a community of internally displaced persons estimated at six thousand.The population increase has resulted to conflicts between this group and the host villages.In the search for water, food, education, healthcare and social integration, many conflicts have been generated between the visiting population and the people of Wack.The host community hold that the displaced persons have brought about disorder and unrest to the community.The guests are accused of encroaching in lands, being too demanding and exercising different forms of perversion within the localities.It is amidst the atmosphere of conflict that the Governor of the Adamawa region Kildaldi Taguieke Bukar visited Wack.He held talks with the two protagonists to have a better understanding of the situation.Governor Kildadi praised the Wack community for their hospitality and encouraged both parties to use dialogue as a means of solving problems.The governor was accompanied to Wack by local officials of the UN refugees and World Food Programmes.These officials met with representatives of both parties to map out possible solutions to the problems raised. Bruno Ndonwie Funwie