The security threats pose by assailants in the South West and North West regions couple with menaces from the boko haram and criminal gangs has prompted government to tighten control on the sales of firearms.The Minister of Territorial Administration during a meeting with arms dealers on Friday, 27 April 2018 in Yaoundé said the new measure is to check the illegal circulation of arms and ammunition in Cameroon.Minister Paul Atanga Nji and the dealers in weapons were agreed on the need to mitigate the proliferation of weapons and ammunition which are increasing used for crime related activities.The Minister explained that the illicit sale of arms and ammunitions in Cameroon will not be allowed to prosper. Adding that, the President of the Republic Paul Biya, has ordered each stakeholder to take their responsibilities fully check the proliferation of firearms that poses a serious threat to the stability of the country.The latest meeting is a follow up to a 4th April order suspending the sale of weapons in six regions of Cameroon including the North West and South West, West, Littoral, Centre and Adamawa.Paul Atanga Nji told the registered dealers that the precautionary measure henceforth concerns all the ten regions of Cameroon.According to statistics from the Ministry of Territorial Administration, less than 3800 weapons licenses have been issued. But more than 27,000 weapons are in circulation. The Minister indicted the vendors for ignoring clearly laid down rules and consequently facilitating the circulation of unregistered guns in the hands of people who do not have licences.He warned that only dealers with authorization of sale of arms are allowed to engage in the trade and each holder will henceforth have to make an individual commitment which will hold him criminally responsible before the law.He said a digital file of each firearm must be sent systematically to the Ministry of Territorial Administration. The fire should contain essential information on customers, the number of weapons and ammunition sold.Elvis Teke