The pioneer Director General of CRTV, Florent Etoga Eily who died on 17th February 2018 has been burried in Soa, chief town  Mefou and Afamba Division, Centre Region.The burial ceremony was highlighted by a Beti traditional rite conducted during funerals.“Silau” is an occasion during which family members and friends took turns to condole and bid farewell to the departed.Among the mourners was a delegation from CRTV headed by the corporation’s General Manager Charles Ndongo.The Head of State, Paul Biya was represented at the funeral by the Minister in charge of Special Duties at the Presidency of the Republic, Philippe Mbarga Mboa.A pontifical high mass was said. It was officiated by the Bishop of the Obala Diocese who prayed for the peaceful repose of the deceased.Eulogies and tributes were also paid during the funeral.Among these, was a condolence message from Head of State Paul Biya and first lady Chantal Biya to the family.The Director General of CRTV Charles Ndongo took his turn. He described Mr Etoga Eily as the foundation on which CRTV has been built. He called him a distinguished boss.Other officials including Roger Miller Roving Ambassador,  Jacques Fame Ndongo, Minister of Higher Education also acknowledged the late Florent Etoga Eily as a distinguished administrator and sports promoter of his days.Mr Etoga was posthumously decorated with a medal of honour by the Head of State’s  representative Philippe Mbarga Mboa.Mr Florent Etoga Eily died at the age of 82 after a protracted illness. Bruno Ndonwie Funwie