The Presidency of the Annual Meeting of Senior officials of the Inter Regional Centre for the implementation of strategies for regional safety and security in the gulf of Guinea has been transferred from ECCAS to ECOWAS.The Secretary General of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS), Ambassador Ahmad Allam-Mi handed over the baton of command to the Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) General Francis Awagbe Behanzin.The handing over marked the end of the second ordinary annual meeting of senior officials of the Inter regional Coordination Centre, (ICC) that held in Yaoundé. The meeting focused mainly on the elaboration of strategies for the organisations of a donor’s conference scheduled for June 2018.The meeting also authorised the new President to set up of an ad hoc committee composed of financial experts to examine issues relating to the remuneration of the staff of the Centre.They heads of different institutions (ECOWAS and ECCAS) also expressed their gratitude to Cameroon and precisely to President Paul Biya for his leadership and constant engagement for international peace and security as well as his support for the development of the centre.The Inter regional Centre for the implementation of regional strategies of safety and security in the gulf of Guinea was created following the Yaoundé Summit in June 2013 on Maritime Safety and Security and the follow-up in Lome – Togo in October 2016.Its principal role is to put in place resources to minimise the activities of pirates, armed gangs and other criminals who hinder that activities of seaports, vessels and sea routes.The Representative of the Minister of External relations said the meeting is a opportunity to demonstrate to the rest of the world that Africans are capable of securing their maritime area and harnessing the economic potentials of the zones.The meeting was also attended by the Secretary General of the Gulf of Guinea Commission, Ambassador Florentina Adenike Ukonga who urged member countries to continue to support the initiative which seeks to enhance security and consequently boost economic growth in the sub region.Elvis Teke