Activities are heating up at the Yaounde Multisports Complex ahead of the official opening of the inaugural edition of the African Festival of Martial Arts, FADAM.Barely a few hours to the official opening on 6th April 2018, athletes in the various domains are doing last minute rehearsals.The athletes cut across different disciplines including Judu, Kung Fu, Traditional Wrestling, Karate and Taekwondo amongst others.FADAM is expected to end on 7th April 2018 with a special event in Douala.The brain behind the festival, Maitre Saatenang explains that the event aims at encouraging the practice of martial arts which he says symbolises peace.Prior to the start of the festival, the athletes took turns to try out a few moves either in the main hall to host the event or in the corridors for want of space.One of the professionals is carrying out the technical Tai Chi Chouan which is a traditional Chinese martial art often practised for its health benefits.At one corner of the hall, little children could be seen practising some Taolu moves.One of them is thirteen year-old Princess Alicia Ayamdjeu who has been practising the art for three years now.She says she developped interest in Taolu after seeing her present teacher, Maitre Jean Roger Ayimele on the tatami mat.As for Nestor Ngnonpobop, he has a passion for Kung Fu Wushu, reason why he practices the art.While the athletes continue practicing, hostesses are on hand to provide water to those in need meanwhile a tiny audience cheers the athletes on.Banners are being raised and mats unrolled to set the stage for tomorrow’s inaugural edition of the African Festival of Martial Arts.Eleanor Ayuketah