The Minister of Territorial Administration and Permanent Secretary of the National Security Council, Paul Atanga Nji signed a communique prohibiting the sale of arms and ammunition in the Adamawa, West, Littoral, Centre , North West and South West regions.The Minister’s communique signed on 4th April 2018 comes in the wake of an unprecedented increase in the use of arms in some troubled regions of Cameroon.Those concerned by the ban are hunters and others possessing arms for self defense. The decision was taken after realising that the number of arms in circulation is far above the number authorized by competent authorities. The owners of arms do not systematically make information available for a digital follow up of the activities.Administrative authorities do not also get credible information on the reference dates on importation or sale, let alone the quantity or profile of owners.The Minister writes that the situation is against law no 2016/015/ of 14th December 2016 that regulates the ownership or use of arms and ammunition in Cameroon.Minister Atanga Nji is categoric;# The sale of arms and ammunition in the Adamawa, Center, West, Littoral, North West or South West Region is prohibited till further notice. #All armories in these regions will remain closed till further notice. # An exhaustive inventory of the stock of all arms and ammunitions in these regions and orders placed will be carried out. # All owners of modern or locally made arms must obtain authorization from Divisional Officers , Senior – Divisional Officers within the next thirty days # All legal owners of arms and ammunition must have themselves identified at governors offices, Divisional and Senior Divisional officers.The Minister calls on all Cameroonians to collaborate with administrative authorities to uphold security in these regions.Kathy Neba Sina