The 2018 Commonwealth Games have been launched in Oueensland,  Gold Coast AustraliaThe openning of the big sports event was presided over by the British Royalty, Prince Charles and wife Camila.The royal family described the games historic as this year’s Commonwealth competitions  have an equal representation of Women and Men for the first time in a major world sporting event.The high profile and colourful event was organised at the Careras Stadium in Gold CoastThe launch has set the ball rolling as some 4500 athletes will be competiting for two hundred and seventy-five medals in gold, silver and bronze for the next eleven days.Over forty athletes from Cameroon and their trainers have taken the commitment after the opening ceremony to grab their share of the medals and give Cameroon a name.The ceremony was a great moment of communion between the athletes, the fans and the volunteers  who lived history in grand style.To highlight the seriousness in all the camps, many athletes did not spare a minute but hurry to their various dormitories and training grounds as real business begins this Thursday 5th April 2018.Team Wales for instance said after the fun is work as that they have a game in the early hours of Thursday April 5.-Seventy-one nations will be competing in nineteen sporting disciplines.-The host Australia is sending in 473 athletes, England 393 , Canada 283 and India 218 athletess-The event will run from April 4th -15, 2018.Just to note that the most recent Commonwealth Games were held in Glasgow, Scotland in 2014.Benly Anchunda