The Constitutional Council will publish the results of the 25th March 2018 Senatorial election results this Thursday, 5th April 2018.The proclaimation will be done during a solemn session presided over by the President of the Constitutional Council, Chief Justice Clement Atangana. The information is contained in a press release signed made public by the secretariat of the council.It will be the first time the newly created legislative organ will be proclaiming election results since it came into existence in February 2018.The session will be attended by members of government, officials of Elections Cameroon, ELECAM representatives of the nine political parties that took part in the elections, observers of the elections and other dignitaries.The decision of the Constitutional Council is respect of the Electoral Code which stipulates in section 240 that:(1) The constitutional council shall proclaim the results of the election of senators within 15 (fifteen) days following the close of the poll.(2) The report on the conduct of elections and proclamation of results shall be prepared by the Constitutional Council in four copies. It shall file the original and send the 3 (three) other copies to the Senate, the Ministry in charge of local and regional authorities and the Electoral Board, respectively.(3) The results of the election shall be published according to the procedure of urgency and inserted in the Official Gazette in English and French.The publication is results is a culmination of different steps in the electoral process includingAfter the proclamation of results, the newly elected Senators will be sworn-in for a five year mandate during a special plenary session.Elvis Teke