Cameroon on 2nd, 3rd and 10th April 2018 commemorates the International Days of Storytelling, Theatre and Poetry, respectively.The events were instituted to encourage people to get interested in the disciplines which many give very little consideration with the passage of time.Dr Asheri Kilo, Technical Adviser at the Ministry of Arts and Culture decries the back-stage position given to the art of storytelling whereas it is an intergral part of Cameroon’s culture.Storytelling she argues, pulls along moral lessons for children and adults.The Technical Adviser also calls on Cameroonians to take more interest in theatre and poetry which are very unique mediums for the transmission of the Cameroon culture and way of life from generation to generation.The day was commemorated at the Cameroon Cultural Centre on 2nd April 2018 through the presentation of twelve selected stories by Cameroonians with “Melting Pot” and “Destiny” amongst them.The audience at each presentation was thrilled by the style and passion with which the authors recounted the stories.The day was commemorated this 3rd April 2018 at 4pm at the Cameroon Cultural Centre in Yaounde.Highlights of the day included the theatrical presentation of Late Prof Bole Butake’s play “Bethrodal without Libation”.It was directed by Sophia Mempuh Kwachuh and supervised by Dr Asheri Kilo.Another highpoint of the evening was the theatrical presentation of Pabe Mongo’s play “La Guerre des Calebasses” directed by Ambroise Mbia.Celebration of International Day of PoetryCameroon Cultural Centre is the venue on 10th April 2018 for the presentations of renown poems by Cameroonian poets.Eleanor Ayuketah