Head of Fire fighting groups and Army rescue units in Cameroon at meeting in the traditional command meeting of the National Fire Brigade.The first semester meeting is being presided over by the Commander of the National Fire Brigade, Brigadier General Mahamat Ahmed.The military expert in disaster prevention and fire fighting are examining the operational situation of the corps with the goal of improving output.The meeting is being attended officers of the central command of the National fire Brigade, heads of technical and medical services and by the heads of the; • 10th fire fighting group with headquarters in Yaoundé, • 20th fire fighting group with headquarters in Douala, • 30th fire fighting group with headquarters in Garoua, • 40th fire fighting group with headquarters in Maroua, • 50th fire fighting group with headquarters in Bamenda, and • the commander of the National Fire Fighters Training Centre with temporal headquarters in Yaounde.The coordination meeting is an opportunity to evaluate the activities of the corps in each of the groups and army rescue units.The meeting is coming at a time when the country has been shaken by natural disasters particularly floods and landslides in the West, Centre, North West and South West regions.Fire incidents have also destroyed markets and state edifices including the Administrative block of the national Assembly, markets and private homes.The Commander of the national fire brigade, Brigadier general Mahamat Ahmed speaking in an interview said the National Fire brigade is not the only institution involve in civil protection and fire fighting.He said the fire brigade is one of the key actors on the frontline but is works in cooperation with other government Ministries. The command meeting is also holding to make projections for the remaining quarter year 2018, which is marked by elections and preparations for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.General Mahamat Ahmed told the press that the National Fire Brigade has some challenges with equipment and the government is aware. He added that new equipments have been ordered and in a few months the corps will be better equipped to respond to its missions.He also urged his collaborators to available, professional and prompt in their interventions in order to efficient protect the population and their property from disasters and accidents.Elvis Teke