The constitutional council has dismissed three post senatorial petitions presented before the jurisdiction.The petitions were demised during plenary hearings this Tuesday 3rd April 2018.The president and members of the constitutional council listened to the councils of two petitioners while the third was simply thrown out for non respect of deadline.The SDF petition was rejected because the person who filed the petition did not qualify to sermon the court.The SDF council told the council that their objective was to raise the awareness of the court on issues of insecurity in both the two English speaking regions so that government can eventually take measures to guarantee the fundamental right to vote for all citizens.The CDU petition was deem admissible in its form but thrown out for lack of evidence to prove the cases of fraud alleged by Koupit Adamou.The petitions highlighted that fact that the closure of the polling station in Menuoa Division of the West region closed at 12:33 pm, some 5 hours 27 minutes before the 6:00pm previewed by law.He mentioned that the results of the polling station influenced the results in order polling stations in the region but the Constitutional Council dismissed the petition for lack of evidence to proof the influence of the early closure and publication of results on the general trend of results in the region.Elvis Teke