Stakeholders at the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and other stakeholders met this Tuesday 3rd March 2018 for a blue print on the National Housing Policy in Cameroon.During the meeting, the panel made a situation analysis of the National Housing Plan for Cameroon based on affordability of households, land, finance, industries and governance.The new housing policy is expected to solve the increasing problems associated with lodging, witnessed in both rural and urban areas of Cameroon.The policy will be designed to enable the sales of land for construction more transparent, encourage investors and facilitate acquisition of houses by middle aged Cameroonians.The new housing plan is intended to ensure decent and low cost housing for more Cameroonians.National and international financial markets will be solicited as secondary mortgage market will be introduced.Cameroon’s Minister of Housing and Urban Development Jean Claude Mbwentchou, presiding over the official ceremony emphasised on the need for affordability of land, greater loan access and a mortgage system tailored for the Cameroons middle class.Within the framework of the low cost housing project, Cameroon has already embarked on the construction of thousands of low cost houses in all ten regions.