The 10th playing day of the 2018 Elite One Championship took place in stadia across the country on Sunday 25 and Monday 26 March.As the end of the matches, Feutcheu FC of Bandjoun  remains at the topmost position with nineteen points despite a vexing goal from Eding Sport of the Lekie which resulted to a one all draw during their last match.Aigle Royal of Menoua finally got a 2-0 victory after ten days of play, in a home match against  Dragon.A total of thirteen goals were recorded in all nine matches played.  Aigle Royal of the Menoa              2 – 1       Dragon FC of YaoundéBamboutos of Mbounda                1 – 1       Cotonsport of GarouaUnion Sportive of Douala              3 – 1       Yaounde Football ClubUnitsport Bafang                             0 – 0       UMS of LoumFortuna FC                                       0 – 0       New Star of DoualaEding Sport of the Lekie                1 – 1       Feutcheu FC of BandjounLes Astres of Douala                      0 – 1       Stade Renard of MelongAPEJES of Mfou                             0 – 0       Colombe FC of the Dja and LoboYong Sport Academy of Bamenda 1 –  0    Fovu of Baham 1-            Feutcheu FC of Bandjoun                           19pts2-            Cotonsport of Garoua                                  19pts3-            Young Sport Ac of Garoua                          19pts4-            Fovu Club of Baham                                     18pts5             – UMS of Loum                                              15pts6-            Union Sportive of Douala                           15pts7-            Eding Sport of the Lekie                             14pts8-            AS Fortuna                                                    14pts9-            Bamboutos of Mbounda                            13pts10-         Unisport of Bafang                                       13pts11-         Stade Renard of Melong                              12pts12-         Yaounde Football Club                                11pts13-         Apajes of Mfou                                              11pts14-         Colombe FC of the Dja and Lobo             11pts15-         Astres of Douala                                           10pts16-         New Stars of Doaula                                    8pts17-         Aigle Royal of Menoua                                7pts18-         Dragon of Yaoundé                                      6pts Bruno Ndonwie Funwie