Christians in Cameroon have gone into the second day of the Holy Week in meditation and restrain.The Holy Week began on Monday 25th March through Saturday 31st March 2018.The period leads to Sunday 1st April, Easter Day, a day of celebraton because it is believed Jesus resurrected from death.As the week unfolds, all followers of Christ have modified their lifestyle in keeping with the teachings of the holy bible.Spiritual leaders have specially identified only activities that mirror the symbolic betrayal, suffering, crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ .Apart from the traditional fasting and medition carried out on individual basis during the period, churches have scheduled a number of activities to accompany christians. Some of these are;# Daily church services # All night prayers # Feet washing # Bitter-leaf and Salt mealThe Catholic Church heightens observance during the “Easter Triddum” , three days leading to Easter. The Catholic Church has other activities unique to them. These include;# Corporal works of Mercy # Stations of the cross # Penance and meditationEach Christian has a different appreciation and level of engagement in the Holy Week. The different church doctrine and philosophy influence the individual’s approach to the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.” Observing the Holy Week to me means intensifying morning and evening prayers” Kwenchia Maricol, Presbyterian Christian)” I consider the Holy Week a time to attend all church programs scheduled” Veronique Titi , (Catholic church Christian.)” The Holy Week is a time to ask God for forgiveness and simply increase fellowship with Him” Carl Bugeneh ( Pentecostal church Christian)Some Christians place professional contraints as reason why they remain indifferent during this very crucial period in the life of a christian.Kathy Neba Sina