The second edition of CRTV Web’s magazine, CRTV WEB Le Mag has been published this 26th March 2018. CRTV WEB Le Mag is a 20-page online magazine that gives an insight into CRTV, its programmes and slots.The present edition titled, ‘Apres la Campagne…Welcome Back’ comes when the corporation resumes normal broadcast after creating space for campaigns for the senatoral elections.The magazine headlines on CRTV’s coverage of the Senatorial elections, the forum of the African Union of Broadcasting (AUR) and echoes of President Paul Biya’s recent visit to China.CRTV WEB Le Mag’s second edition highlights other online portals managed by the Department of New Media. These include a Facebook account – CRTVweb, the Twitter handle – @CRTV_web and the website – three conveys a message form CRTV’s Director General, Charles Ndongo on the position of the Woman in the corporation.The colourful magazine has six rubrics:In this section are three stories portraying CRTV at the heart of the Senatorial Elections. The CRTV website, it should be noted, even has its own map of the 2018 Senatorial Elections…read the magasin and visit the CRTV website to discover the map!This rubric takes the reader to the regions. In the present edition, the magazine profiles the Chief of Station of CRTV South West, Kange Williams Wasaloko who works in a region facing political turbulence.This secton relates the unseen part (behind the scenes) of broadcast at CRTV. It gives an insight into the concept and presentation of selected slots related by an insider. The ‘Day Break’ team was honoured in this issue.Actu contains updates of topical issues. This time it was CRTV’s participation at the African Union of Broadcasting (AUR) forum (12th – 16th March 2018) in Rwanda amongst others.On this part of the CRTV WEB Le Mag, the public gets to know more about the corporation’s programme schedule and all the “must-not-miss” productions.This rubric discusses ICT’s. In this edition, Paul Biya’s visit to major telecommunication manufacturing plants in China is highlighted.Other interesting write-ups on issues of the society come in to spice the magazine.CRTV WEB Le Mag is resolved to attract advertisers, but even before the advertisers come, check-out the teaser on the back cover of the magazine which reads “Coming Soon”….Oh yes, something is in the pipeline, so watch out!Eleanor Ayuketah**Download a copy of CRTV WEB Le Mag here