The death of Essama Elysee has been reported this 5th December 2017 after a brief illness.The artist is author of five albums and several singles.Essama Elysee's musical career was at its climax when he was part of "Les Zombis de la Capitale", a leading musical troupe in Cameroon in the 90's and later when he went solo.Amongst his hit songs include Wodzen-dzee, Mekan-mekan, Ntol-mon and Coup de Cœur.His songs also featured in the 4th volume of "Les Testaments du Bikutsi", a compilation of some Bikutsi songs.The artist who hails from Akonolinga will be greatly missed by his fans who lastly saw him perform during the just-ended Festi-bikutsi of November 2017.Eleanor Ayuketah